Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Happy 10th anniversary, WMG!

There were eleven of us at the WMG committee meeting in Birmingham yesterday. Appropriately, we met in the Edwardian Tea Room of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which is where, ten years ago, four translators met for coffee and decided to revive the West Midlands Group of ITI.

It was wonderful yesterday to see that there are still so many people - from founding members to newcomers - happy to take an active part in running the group!

I'll be posting some memories of the past ten years on the new WMG history page over the next few days and weeks. Feel free to comment and add your own to this post.

Bärbel McCloskey, Jakub Sacharczuk, Liz Smith, Rekha Narula, Mike Hanson, Charlie Gobbett, Ros Mendy, Juliet Hammond-Smith, Ulrike Nichols, Shelagh Rothero and Jean Darvill

Happy 10th anniversary, everyone!


  1. Well done Ros, your legacy is assured for bringing WMG back to life a decade ago….

    I think my most vivid memory of WMG over the past 10 years is from a walk we did at Winchcombe in the Cotswolds a few years ago. If you remember, we all met in a Japanese-run cafe beforehand and sat around having tea and cakes. Matt Young (for the benefit of newer and non-members, Matt was a Japanese translator and active WMG member who moved north a couple of years ago) and his wife Nic and son Tom were there, and at one point, he asked the young Japanese waitress – in fluent Japanese – if we could have some more milk as it had run out.
    Her face was an absolute picture (but sadly not captured for posterity). One of a group of English customers had just asked her a question in perfect Japanese, perhaps for the first time ever: her mouth opened wide, her chin virtually hit the floor, her eyes opened wide too and virtually popped out on stalks. Briefly, she was dumbstruck but then overjoyed to hold a conversation with Matt and Nic in her native tongue. It certainly made her day, never mind the rest of us!

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