Meet and Greet/Seminar with Susan Lankfer

When: 21 October, 4-6pm
Where: Aston University, Main Building, 5th floor, room 574

In 2013 we launched our mentoring programme in collaboration with the Department of Translation Studies at Aston University. Seasoned translators and interpreters  provide practical insights to MA students into the challenges and chores of our everyday working life. The students and mentors agree on a day and time to meet either electronically or in person and the mentors share their experiences and answer the students' questions. Please join us for this informal event that is a first opportunity for students and mentors to meet and possibly set up a schedule.

What a translation agency does for you

A Seminar with Susan Lankfer, Comtec Translations

Susan is the Head of Business Development at Comtec Translations where has been working for five years.
Starting as a Project Manager and working her way to Head of Business Development, she fully understands the needs of our clients. She ensures clients receive the best possible service from the team and it’s Susan who warmly welcomes and dazzles new clients. 
In her talk she will provide insights as to how she accomplishes that clients not only choose Comtec but also stay with them - for all their translation needs.

After the seminar join in for a relaxed evening in a pub. Or two. Details: email Jakub under or just come along.

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