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The database provides details of WMG members who have given permission for their contact details to be included on the website. If at any time you would like your details to be removed from this list, please contact Ulrike Nichols.

Those with the letters MITI after their names are fully qualified members of ITI.

The WMG is unable to verify the qualifications of individual members. If necessary, please request supporting documents directly from members.

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The following WMG members have their own websites:
Amelie Aichinger (English>German, Spanish>English) 
Svanhild Aldal (English, Swedish & Danish > Norwegian)
Sara Alvarado (Spanish>English)
Eleanor Bridgwood (Spanish>English)
Jean Darvill (German & French>English)
Charlie Gobbett (French & German>English
Juliet Hammond-Smith (Italian>English)
Mike Hanson (French>English)

Bärbel Herrmannspahn (English<>German, French>German and Spanish>German translation and interpreting)
Emmanuelle Jeannot (English>French)
Rosi Jillett (French & German>English translation and subtitling)

Jacinta Kal (English, Latin & Ancient Greek>Dutch translation)
Doug Lawrence (Translation technology and sales training)
Michaela Luiselli (English<>Italian, German<>Italian, OPI English<>German)
Eva Martinez (English>Spanish)
Ros Mendy (German & French>English)
Ulrike Nichols (English<>German)
Rekha Narula (English,Spanish,French& Mauritian Creole >English,French, Mauritian Creole)
Rosemary Rust D'Eye (Italian>English translation and interpreting)
Rebecca Smith (German & French > English)
Liz Stephens (Danish, Norwegian & French > English)
Amanda Wilson (German & French > English)